Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012- what do you have in store for me...

New Years Eve, 2011 was spent with awesome friends, their kids and our kids. It was great! So, I am hoping that the rest of the year is equally as great!
Kieran is in his second half of Kindergarten, Mikey is into EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! He is all over the place and giving me a run for my money. Mike is in the midst of busy season and that means long hours and hard work!
January started with me realizing, that I really was ready to dump this weight and get healthy. We had an awesome vacation in December and I had an aha moment of sorts. So, on Jan. 17, 2012 I started a bootcamp class with Xceed Fitness and it really jumpstarted me to get back to weight watchers and working out. In the first month that I was back to working out and eating right, I lost 10 pounds and 10 inches. It was enough for me to realize that this is working and I am actually really enjoying working out. I even get up at 530am and go to class at 6! That is not something I ever thought I would do! I like that the classes are always different and always challenging. I have also been doing DVDs at home and just trying to move more and more each day. I am getting there, it is still not easy and not sure it ever will get easy, but it is working and I am getting there.
February was an average month, and here we are leap day and about to head into March. Winter has been mild and I will not complain. Mike is not happy since we bought a new snow blower and haven't had much snow to use it with.
Life is good, we are happy and healthy and just chugging along!
Now, here are some new pictures of my cuties!

I am a HORRIBLE blogger-

The title says it all- I am not sure why- lol! But it is Leap Day and I am back. Stay tuned for a more active blogger- I have so many great ideas and can't wait to share them all with you!