Monday, March 28, 2011

what a sick few weeks...

Well, sick as in illnesses! My house has been illness filled for the whole month of March! Started with Mikey and his 2nd double ear infection, then onto myself with a horrible sinus infection, then onto Kieran with a run of the mill cold and back to Mikey with pink eye! Yes, please someone come disinfect my house! Plus, with the cold weather still hanging around, April can truly not come fast enough!
But, hopefully I am back and we can get on with our regular schedule. i have not been able to make it stroller strides in 2+ weeks, I did go to weight watchers and stayed the same, I will take it! Mike is still traveling for work and I am hoping that will end soon, but at least he is earning miles and maybe we can get a free flight for our vacation in December.
I also want to start doing product reviews on this blog! I have been cloth diapering Mikey since he was about a month old and it is fun to try new diapers on him. I also like to shop and I am pretty opinionated, so hey why not review some things and maybe help someone out.
I think my first review will be about our last two trips to Walt Disney World, I figure a good place to start!
And to close a picture of my favorite two little guys!

Monday, March 7, 2011

sometimes all you need is a Monday...

I have been wavering in my diet this week and since Mike has been traveling last week and will be again this week, it is easy to take the easy way out and eat fast or junk or lots. I tracked my points(I am trying to follow weight watchers points plus plan) on Thursday, but then ate way to much pizza. Friday was a blur, but I tried to track. Saturday was not bad, but I did not calculate or track one point, Sunday same as Saturday. But today, Monday tracking is done thus far- workout is complete(although I did not work as hard as I have been or could have, my back is bothering me a little), Mikey is sleeping and Kieran is eating lunch. Now, lets just keep this momentum of Monday going-
It is like the black eyed peas song I gotta a feeling- tonight's gonna be a good night!
I have dinner planned, nothing fancy to write about, but it is planned.
Good start to the week, good start to my blog and good start to changing...
And as the biggest loser song goes- what have you done today to make yourself proud?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Revised, improved and ...

So, it seems the new trend I am noticing is cooking blogs. For those that know me, know that isn't me,lol! I enjoy to cook, but it is not a passion and I will leave the cooking blogs to those that really enjoy it.
This will be all about my family, my journey of trying to get healthy and lose weight, finding myself again and being the best me.
I have 2 little boys- Kieran 4.5 and Mikey 7 months. I am married to Mike, a CPA and very busy getting back into public accounting after a 2 year stint with a quasi government institution. Of course it is only his second week of his new job and he traveling already. I am fully aware of what I am in for, however maybe I thought it wouldn't happen the second week there, but he loves it and that is important for happiness.
So, why start this blog? I need a place to vent about my weightloss and journey to a healthier and happier self. I am also hoping I can touch people and get ideas on what to do next in life. If I can help one person, then it is all worth it. Plus, I have loads of far away family and want them to see my family grow and change.
I am new to this blogging thing, so it may take me a while to get the photo thing down, but there will be plenty as I am trying to really learn how to use my camera and document my family so we reminders of where we came from. I just found a lot of old pictures and scanned them into my computer and love looking at them and remembering the "old" times. That is part of why I want to do this too, I want to create a place to remember!
So, here we go blogging community- welcome to the Journey of Me...revised, improved and revamped!