Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two Peas 12 weeks to better photos- Lauren, Kristen and Christina rock it!

LESSON ONE: Aperture basic training
So, back in February I took Christie Adams Photography and Alicia Gould Photography's Camera Basics Class and it was GREAT! Really opened my eyes to many things! I would love for them to hold another class, so I can take part again! That said, I have really been trying to master my camera for fun and as a hobby. I make no assertions that I will ever be a photographer, but I want to be able to capture my family and friends! 
Fast forward to a few weeks ago, Lauren and I kicked around the idea that we should do the two peas course together and blog about it! Then came Christina, who also wanted to get better with her camera, so here we are! I think out of all of us, Lauren is probably the best, as she takes awesome photos of food for her food blog, but Christina and I can hang, lol! 
Ok, back to lesson one- aperature- I have a basic knowledge of it, again mainly thanks to the camera basics class, but here goes nothing- 
F1.8, iso 800, 50mm lens- 

Yes, I used Mikey's Sophie and Kieran's various figurines that were handy. I couldn't get outside since, well lets be honest, I just didn't feel like getting my shoes on and going outside, lol!
I will try tomorrow to go out and do it that way too-
You can see in my first picture focus is on sophie, then in the second the figurines become more apparent  and finally you can really see that in Lotso that it is much more in focus and clearer. 
Hope I did it right(besides the being inside part)! 
YEAH, week one done only 11 more to better photos, or so I hope, lol!
and just because they are cute- 
Kieran and Mikey-


  1. Oh, Kristen! The giraffe ones are awesome! You can see the difference SO much better than in mine! Great job! :)

  2. I love that you actually SET UP a shot. They look great!