Friday, June 17, 2011

2 peas week 3-

finally week 3- since it is a yucky morning and our zoo plans are no longer, I am catching up- so week 3 was about white balance- I think I am getting a handle on it, but really I don't get it, lol!
So, I took the following pictures with my 50mm lens, SS was 1/160, f1.6 iso 1000(crappy weather and bad lighting in the house)
here we go-
Auto white balance-

tungsten white balance-
custom white balance(which I had to google to learn how to set, lol)
I can totally tell the difference and I may actually go an get those little card things to use this white balance thing more! Not a hard week, and now I am onto week four!

Not to much going on in this household. Kieran is done with preschool forever and I can't believe it. He will be 5 in a month and I just want him to stay little forever. At the end of the year show they sang I won't grow up from Peter Pan and it was too cute! The whole show was cute, I will miss the little school, but the I hope and pray the big school will be just as good to my little boy.  Mikey is sporting a new set of ear tubes and while it has been two days and no difference in his sleeping, I am hoping that they will help him! Oh and he may also be sporting a tooth soon! However, I may keep that secret until someone else sees it, cause in my family you see the first tooth, you buy the first shoes, lol! So, all in all the summer is about to begin and I hope it is a good one!

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